Version 2

2 thoughts on “Version 2

  1. HELLO

    Good Day,I Am Potter Taylor from NC,I am writing to inquire about your artwork which i actually observed my wife viewing on my computer.i must confess you got a unique and amazing piece i love it all. my wife is an artwork lover in all it divine and i can see she has interest in your work,i wanna surprise her by purchasing a beautiful painting artwork as a gift to beautify her room from your collections as her birthday and our wedding anniversary is fast approaching please you can get to me on available work on my email Cheers



    1. I am really appreciative that you enjoy my art. I am in my way to Myanmar right now for a month and than I return to Germany for two months and than I am back in Canada. I do see paintings wherever I am at the time but I move around a lot. Some of my paintings are in a Germany and some in Canada. I am planning to stat in Canada a little longer than usual in May and if you are still interested that would be nice. If you could tell me what she likes I can see what I can arrange for her.


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