6 thoughts on “GORDS PAINTINGS”

  1. This has been a real pleasure – viewing your intimate understanding of the living physical world. I am partial to birch trees myself. Your spiritual connection to positive energy is breathtaking. I love the fearless use of colour. I will never be able to look at you in the same way – I will always see you through your creative expressions – this art of yours. Wow! When are you having an exhibit or studio tour? Pam and I will want to take a road trip. Viewing these for me has been like looking at something deep inside I have always known was there – pure beauty of life. ‘…living in open wonder…’…the splendour of living cadence/
    I realize/From nothing, there is always something/Magical.’ piece of a poem of mine. Create on!


      1. Thank You – She writes about William Blake – I think – Michael Enright – I might be wrong did a Blake segement. No I haven’t really dug in to her work so I will – I’m a big public library fan – off I’ll go. Thanks I have a few Zen poems labeled such you might like to read just them, ‘Home’ you’d have to go to ‘older posts’.


      2. The love of arts including poetry opens me to myself. As Yeats writes
        An aged man is but a paltry thing, A tattered coat upon a stick, unless Soul clap its hands and sing, and louder sing For every tatter in its mortal dress, Nor is there singing school but studying Monuments of its own magnificence; And therefore I have sailed the seas and come To the holy city of Byzantium.


      3. I have been processing and it came to me that I see the pain and suffering in life and I’m very sad about it, but the truth is that I just don’t have strong opinions and/or beliefs about what will fix that. As a social worker and development worker I don’t see that my intended actions or anyone else’s made a significant difference accept when I was able to bring love and/ or compassion or a clear seeing to those moments and relations. At this point in time I am content doing what I can to become more this way. I trust that what I experience in poetry, art and looking within will lead me to where I need to be.


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