Illusions of Stable Existence


“A sustained contemplation of impermanence leads to a shift in the way we experience reality. We see through the illusions of stable existence, in both what is perceived and what is perceiving. It radically reshapes our understanding of ourselves and the world. How can we practice this contemplation?”

Excerpt From: Goldstein, Joseph. “Mindfulness.” Sounds True. iBooks.
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Waking Up To Sensitivity


Gina Tabourn Gustaffson writes in her book which I have referenced here ” sensitivity is required in order for us to continue to live on this planet”.  Included in the topic of  “waking up to sensitivity”  for me is the notion of waking up to and coming to grips with my sense of  vulnerability as a human being. It has been quite an uncomfortable process in  waking up to a more authentic and complete self. Many parts of myself have been denied through my conditioning  and coming to maturely know how to be with them is something that I have had to learn to do. I have had to come to acquire a trust and faith that there is something good in the nature of being human and at the centre of what I am  and that it will unfold if I let up on my resistance  and allow  the light in.

I am discovering at sixty years of age that I am waking up to being more real than I have allowed myself to be in the past. I am becoming aware of how much that I don,t know  rediscovering most everything new again without the use of a script. In all my efforts I really don,t know how to express or describe the truth of what my experience is. Anything that I say or write  is just an attempt to express  and share my experience however inadequate it always ends up being. I appreciate writers and writings that are  able to touch my experience and would like to be able to share in the same way through my art and blogging. Waking is also about  learning to be with my fear and insecurity that has always been looming within covered over for most of my life, sheltered and distorted avoiding any recognition. So I am learning to live again, this time sensitive to something new beyond me.

I have included some references to waking up to our sensitivity including discussion about the well know Californian Zen Roshi Shunru Suzuki. He at one point commented to a student about enlightenment  although it  was something that he never talked about in his talks. For me these words have been important. They are simply  ” What do you want to get enlightened for, You may not like it.”  This for me opens up a topic worthy of discussion.

One Bird One Stone – Zen Stories on Enlightenment

The Highly Sensitive Person

Starve the Ego Feed the Soul by Connie Miller

Universal Consciousness by Gina Tabojourn Gustafsson

The Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa

Interesting Articles

The Brain Pickings article is a Web Site that is a great resource for interesting articles. I have included an article that is about a doctor who has adopted  a less than conventional way of intervention aligned with his concerns for out of control state of materialism. The last two articles are addressing environmental concerns.

Brain Pickings

The Slomo Doctor A doctor in California that has taken up a less conventional way of intervention.

 International Ruling For Whales Against Japan

The Aliens Have Landed by Mark Bittman

Krishnamurti Aside

I have regularly  turned to Krishnmurtis  talks  at various points of my life as an aid and  inspiration to opening. I say talks because from what I understand he did not write his books but was asked by others to speak at gatherings. Others wrote what Krishnamurti said in his talks.

He had a confrontive style. I refer to it as a slap in the face style and many people have difficulty with it.  I read recently that David Bohm who collaborated with Krishnamurti on a number of occasions was deeply offended by his directness and opinion of him.  But at the same time I find that his way was a  way of pointing to the truth that works for me.It seems to me that he spoke in generalities and brought attention to things that people took for granted to be true. For me he promotes a questioning and a doubt that is essential to deeper examination. One thing that he said will always remain for me and that was that ” the word is not the truth” and for me his words are not the truth, my words are not the truth. Words are incomplete ways of grasping the truth and he constantly reminded me as he said repeatedly  that we should not listen to his words but go discover for ourselves. If words take us from that place where we authentically discover what we are then I wonder what use they are.

At this point in my life I feel  as he did that there is a substantial amount of delusion and ignorance that is ultimately destructive and  a consequence of mans collective consciousness. In terms of discussion about love the thing that stands out most for me in my own relationships in life is that there can be no love when there is separation,  a consequence of dualism and most of what we have created as humans has been a consequence of our dualistic thinking. It is not so much that we should stop thinking but to explore and see for ourselves the nature and limitations of thinking. I know as well for myself when I am self fixated, which seems to be moments that I am consumed by thinking, there is no space for love or connection to another.

Evidence of post-Big Bang expansion discovered, astronomers say

I just heard on CBC  “As it Happens” an interview with a gentleman who observed a red ball emerge from the sky and eventually dissapeared after some time. Apparently other had seen this as well bit I have not heard what it was.

To Matter in Life

Our need to feel as if our lives matter is, as always, an issue for most of us. In her interesting article Rebecca  Newberger Goldstein covers most angles in her examination of how to bring mattering into our lives. As a philosopher she ends up attempting to support her beliefs in a rational logical way.

She ends by suggesting that  “mattering — none of us more than the other — is our birthright, and we should all be treated accordingly, granted the resources that allow for our flourishing”.

Mankind is forever attempting  to bring justice and peace to life through the use of rationalism , logic and reasoning, all useful tools but maybe it is needing to feel that we matter that creates problems. Maybe the truth is that we do matter but that we have somehow forgotten this and our thinking minds  ways perpetuate barriers rather than changing things as we think they might.  Most of what we create in our effort to matter seems to create more kaos. How then  do we find our way collectively to a more compassionate and authentic way.

Nisargadatta says ” You want peace, love, happiness and work hard to create pain, hatred and war. You want longevity and overeat. You want friendship and exploit. See your net as made of these contradictions and remove them – your very seeing of them will make them go.

Comment on Kissed With a Lie

I attempted to write a blog the other day expressing  the difficulty of waking up and coping with the awareness of suffering that seems to be so much a part of life. I didn,t do a  very good job of it. Now I realise that what I wrote here in the first sentence is enough said and the question for me is how do I bring wholeness and a loving way to my life despite feeling that humankind is quickly taking itself towards destruction.  Its probably the only thing in life that I really truly know the answer to. That is in being aware here and now I will be all that i need to be.