Getting Out of the Way

Change is inevitable and it is endless. Knowing this does not soften the difficulty that change brings at times. Resistance to change brings suffering and these days I am more prepared to accept change and deal with that suffering in a more direct, authentic way than I have done in the past. That involves removing of the mask that I have spent so much of my life creating. Ultimately that effects the rapport that I have come to have with many, at times making it more difficult to find common ground. Ultimately these days I attend more to what guides me from within. As an artist I have spent more recent years of my life attempting to develop and perfect a form of expression. I am only now realizing that being authentic has more to do with removing what form I have come to rely on in that expression. It is more about getting out of the way, which involves awareness of the constant work required to move beyond the power of the ego to contract on itself. In that awareness there is the removal of ideas, words and behaviour that block an expression that is inherent.

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