Energized Expression

Intimate expression and communication can be enhanced as we come to know ourselves. This involves seeing beyond the limits of the knower as the “experiencer” who wants to capture the moving energy of living in a fixed way. We can become enabled in this way that we’re not used to functioning within our current world—our speaking, our living, our expression can have an energetic component that is more alined with our words.There is the information in the words you speak and there is also an unknowable energetic component. If as you speak, the energetic quality is aligned, then there is a total meaning in the communication. If our words are an extension of our fragmented existence and attempt to grasp on to the world in a “fixed knowledge” then we are often separated from that flow of energy. In that separation information that goes into the brain is packaged in a way that is limited in speaking.

The energy I am writing about is of a quality that we realize as we go beyond the surfaces of our conditioning. It involves knowing ourselves and the world in a more complete and connected way. It is this energy that is beyond knowing in a factual way that fuels creativity in living and in artful expression.

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