How The Lily Thinks

We human beings sometimes find ourselves in situations that we think are unendurable. These days many people are thinking that they might wither from grief in the aloneness and increasing isolation that Covid has brought.

Soren Kierkegaard used the metaphor of the Lily to explore this sense of aloneness. He wrote about the beautiful lily’s place, growing in the most isolated environment where no one is there to visit it and that in that isolated life the lily thinks differently than the human. It thinks that “Of course, I myself cannot determine the location and the circumstances; this is thus not my affair in the least way; that I stand where I stand is God’s will.” That is how the lily thinks.

Kierkegaards use of “God” is not in a traditional objective time limited way. When he writes about finding God, he is suggesting to look in a way that is more than a conventional objective way of perceiving. He is suggesting that to come to an awareness of how to see what we search for we are better served in looking to “silence”. It is from a direct subjective experience that unfolds in silence that a deeper realization occurs. That has been something that in the past we have been conditioned not to attend to.

So it is from within silence that we might see as the Lily sees.

Inspired by Soren Kierkegaards book , “The Lily of the Field and the Bird of the Air.”

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