A Secret

Recently my brother has been drawn to Christopher Hitchens writing and declared to me his belief as an atheist. I suggested that should he want to broaden his exploration he might read the Krishnamurti, David Bohm book titled “ The Limitations of Thought”. He responded that it was too deep a read for him.

It seems to me that this might be a tendency of modern life; that most are not willing or able to go to such depths required to realize the true nature of their own existence. In modern times we more strongly rely on rational thought for our answers, which is, frankly, quite limited in providing complete awareness. In the pursuit of more pleasurable goals there is an avoidance of exploring the depths of our being which involves examining more difficult aspects of our emoting, relating and living. For me this inner exploration has been essential in self understanding and although I have chosen to look to the depths I am clearly in the world like everyone else. The one difference might be that although I harbour a ‘secret’ that is not willingly concealed, but impossible to express, I look to refine my ability to do so.

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