A Contradiction

Each day I spend time in contemplation, connecting with my own inwardness and sinking deeper into it: I sit and listen to the sounds of nature, slipping into my inner being. I let go of the habit of making heavier demands upon myself and life, and confine myself to the simple task of wanting to understand myself. Writing and painting is inseparable from this effort of self-understanding: it is through words and images as well as through silence that I bring coherence to the motions of what stirs more deeply within. Yet this is always a paradoxical exercise, revealing and concealing at the same time – like telling someone that you have a secret that can’t be told. Writing and painting give the most solitary reflections a more public aspect, exhibiting the contradiction between the inward and the outward life, bringing the hiddenness into the open. In an evasive way I offer to the world an image of myself, at the same time explaining that I cannot be understood.

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