Getting Out of the Way

As of late I am opening to change; the one inevitable fact of life despite cultural and individual efforts to deny it and especially contrary to past personal conditioning. I am more conscious these days how past relations are grounded in fixed perceptions.

More than anything at this point in life I desire to live according to something more authentic of what I am than what I have known. I look to the silence as a source of guidance in that and in that I have become more comfortable in solitude. I know that something more compassionate and connected is part of what is authentic. I have Also noticed that this shift has involved an increased awareness of others projections. Often these projections are relentless in their efforts to define me and that outside of openness and honesty there is nothing that I can do to bring change to that. I do not exist to be understood. I don’t understand it myself accept that I have to get out of the way of a self that thinks it does know.

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