Turning the Inside Outward

The act of creating for me involves turning the inside outward. I paint and write as an expression of what is experienced inside. It can also be called revelation, showing or phenomenalization. Creating is an attempt to express what is hidden. The painting and written story is outsideness for the creator; they are phenomenon, things shown. But they are revelatory of the self that is creating. The form that results is contingent upon the artist and the artist transcends them all, but the artist is really present in and as them. The artist,s inside turns into the outsideness as the creation when the artist paints and the writer writes. This action of turning the inside out is a type of ecstasy; an attempt to express the dance of the cosmos. It is a revelation of a sort; a phenomenalization of being: a kind of incarnation of what is present within. It is inseparable from the direct experience of being; an act of agape in that creation.

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