What Flows From Within

Emptiness seeps from the cracks of brokenness. Something of my humanity is enabled in that emptiness; surging forward over the crumbling barriers that ensured separateness. Perceptions, beliefs and desires that have blocked me from what is true of self are eroded in the flow. Beneath a surface of seeming incoherence, innate hostility and hopeless fragmentation a “living and deep-rooted unity” is trying to break free. I can no longer bare to be unreal. A humble realization of my imperfection and a sense of compassion emanates from the heart, replacing willful intent to become other.

I long to share with the world what is illuminated in the darkness, although to enter into dialogue with those who fail to see one’s point requires extreme spiritual stamina. Later I realize that what radiates within is actually ineffable and is best emanated not with words but from being. How long will I be able to resist the lure from without to define in words, reduce and become.

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