A Consciousness Evolving

I’m noticing how habitual it is that I seek to search out familiarity in daily routines; often being of the quality of distractions. It seems to me that this routine of habitual distractions serves as an insulation and if it is interrupted a sense of apprehension and anxiety in the possibility of encountering something unknown arises.

I am becoming aware that to engage in a creative embrace of existence involves some risk, some encounter with what is unknown, and that there is the possibility of experiencing a sense of vulnerability in the openness and newness that it brings. I now see that that this is the essence of existence. To learn to be with all that is new that arises out of formlessness, provides opportunity to encounter and respond in a creative, new way. In its unfamiliarity it involves learning to relate to that sense of vulnerability that arises with what is unknown. This world and universe is unfinished and is ever changing. What is unknown is endlessly emerging. We somehow strive to be something permanent in an impermanent existence. The experience of pain and suffering are a necessary consequence of an unfinished universe. How are we to find comfort in that?Somehow it is in a more conscious response, that involves a willingness to enter into openness and what is unknown and encountered of it.

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