One Who Creates

Being someone who creates, I have been involved in an endless search for words that reflect, rather than represent my reality. Being a creator is not separate from my spiritual sense. That is at times difficult for a non artist to understand. I am of the world not in a so conventional way. I look to whatever helps me to live naked in the world, able to move past and through any shame or difficult emotion I may encounter, even when under attack, to move through being afraid even though there is so much out there to fear. There is a place that is most real, that I can find my way at times where I am alone with my mortality, where I simply step out from the superficial security of the self. More and more I am conscious not to replace that with another belief system. It’s a place where I find more to life than I have ever imagined yet at the same time it is a place that props and invigorates that imagination.

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