Thinking and Open Inquiry

With all that is happening in the world these days there has been much talk about justice, individual rites and human nature. We have our conventional ideas about these things but for me it’s important to investigate in a deeper way. It seems to me that thinking , itself , is a tool that we use to understand our environment. Words are very much a part of that thinking process. Those words make up language and allow us to see in abstract, metaphors, pieces and parts and to explore, understand and perceive things in different ways. There always seems to be another way to perceive things and we are always discovering new things and new ways of seeing so how do we know if what we think captures truth. For me thinking does not resolve some very relevant things of my existence. Meditation and mindfulness seem to be more helpful in exploring the direct experience of life. I enjoy the creative process of thinking but I see the limitations of thought especially when I am exploring the depths of my being. Nothing is fixed so how can our fixed thoughts, words and perceptions represent that. I don’t see that thoughts can represent truth or provide ultimate answers in terms of those things that I mentioned in the beginning. I look somewhere else for my relation to those things and in a more open contemplation and inquiry, what emerges is more substantial than can be explained in terms of thought although I cant seem to say why or in what way.

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