Meaning in Impermanence

I seem to be contemplating life and death a lot these days.I find myself more than ever alone by choice, averse to convention. Although, it seems to be an unsettling choice, there is something in the embracing of what arises in aloneness that enables a more complete confronting, coping and opening. This partly seems to be in moving away from the conventional socialization and personality that I have become. In facing the loneliness I move out from the barriers that have been erected, opening in towards a self-individuation and self creation through that revolt, against that process. A more intimate investigation and acceptance of what naturally and authentically arises allows for a movement through the discomfort of loneliness, towards an a more open-ended experience of the heart and expansion of awareness and revelation of the ineffable truth of impermanance/death. The American philosopher John Dewey wrote “ If you free the true self from various constraints it will automatically see truth.We have no better criterion of truth than that it is what results from such encounters.” There is more meaning revealed in that process for me than anything else that I have experienced.

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