Where to Turn?

These days there is a strong realization of how much of my life has been lived in ignorance and how that contributed to suffering both of my own and for others. Of course I didn’t know any other way at the time, as so many others today don’t know what it is to live without ego. It’s only in recent years that I have emerged from that cloud of confused identifying.

As well there as increased intuition of the collective consequences of living in ignorance and a fragmented envisioning. Our collective human living has directly contributed to our contemporary global problems. They have arisen for a reason and it is no surprise to me what is happening on this planet at this time. Humans have a responsibility to address this or to continue be deeply affected. There seems to be only one way through it all; not in returning to old ways, but in bringing a deeper awareness to life and living and in realizing the vastness of our interconnection and how our actions and behaviour affect our lives.

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