Direct Experience

What matters for me in my references to spirituality is “direct experience” rather than what is “believed in”. It,s not a matter of expounding a theory or citing an item of a creed nor about an object being experienced by a subject, but a more general state of activity of consciousness. It is about opening to existence as it is, going beyond our concepts and boundaries to a place of direct experience.

I am more interested in enhancing a state of genuine inquiry, regarding life. Inquiry seems to be both a way to enhance that state of direct experience and a product of it. Questions about life are contemplated and answered by plunging both questioner and answerer into an immediate experiential reality.

In terms of religious revelation or life experience I am more interested in what people have realized and how they have come to that, as opposed to having an interest in doctrine and theory. A quality of intimate sharing and expression of this experience is deeply valued. What arises from this state of consciousness can contribute to deeper realization and connectivity for me. There is something of the unfolding of authentic being and interconnection that is ongoing and evolving that I am drawn to.

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