The Mysterious Light of Life

I have seen enough to realize where my judgement and aversion are coming from. In my fear of non being I grasp onto a limited perception. How. I desire to be more open to the cosmos and not so trapped in self. – Gord

Kathleen Raines wrote, of the poet Edwin Muir! That he had discovered that mysterious light of life of which the visible world is woven; the ultimate alchemical mystery whose realisation brings to those who achieve it a supreme joy, and the all but lost sense of ‘the holy’.

Commenting on the “philosopher” Edwin Muir wrote that he is a man who thinks in and out of season. He wrote in the same essay; and he knew with a sureness given to few poets how to entrust himself to the wisdom that has nothing to do with dialectic but everything to do with life. In one of his last poems, he wrote of the poet’s task.

The Poet

What I shall never know I must make known.

Where traveller never went Is my domain.

Dear disembodiment Through which is shown The shapes that come and go

And turn again.

Edwin Muir

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