RADICAL OPTIMISM Practical Spirituality in an Uncertain World BEATRICE BRUTEAU

What Beatrice Bruteau writes about is how I perceive myself to be. I find that Buddhism does not value this quality of expression in the same way that she espouses. I have a sense that as humans it is what we have evolved to be in our authentic being. The ability to express our experience is inseparable from that. So I see the value in sharing and expression as part of a creative unfolding. I think Toni Packer, a past mentor for me who was a spiritual leader at the Springwater Centre valued this as well.

From Beatrice Bruteau’s book “Radical Optimism”, she writes,
“When we can feel ourselves securely to be this free, undefined being which is the creative act of God and simultaneously our own act of being ourselves, then we can also express ourselves freely and creatively as finite beings. Metaphysical reflection leads to insight, which leads to artistic manifestation. Any artist, filled with the formless realization of great truth and beauty, gives expression to this realization in some particular form of sound or shape or color or action. We experience ourselves as actively speaking our word, itself an overtone of the Eternal Word. The word arises out of silence, the Void of the Absolute, transcendent of any particular form, but as spoken it takes a form, takes a body, becomes incarnate in a particular place and time and circumstance. And we consciously put our whole selves into this word which we speak by our lives. Thus we realize ourselves as both the formless one, undefined—and in this sense infinite—and one expressed in form, thus finite.”

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