A More Inclusive Heart

“We live within this scripted notion of existence that successfully conceals heartfulness. We perceive existence as we are scripted to do. A walk on the moon is, not different from a walk on the earth on the condition that we walk as lunatics or that we dwell poetically wherever we happen to be.”

It is possible that there is something more of our existence than what we are able to conventionally perceive and that we are missing something in our clinging to learned beliefs, opinions, conditioned hopes and needs. If we choose to investigate and explore aspects of our existence in an open, aware, experiential and creative way we might discover something of ourselves that has been lost, ignored or filtered from our realization as a consequence of our clinging way.

James Hillman writes of the benefit of returning to our innocence.” Here, innocence is not mere or sheer inexperience but rather that condition where one is not identified with experience”: it is a release (nirvana) “from the nigredo of personal identity into the mirrors of impersonal reflections.”

We see the world as we are conditioned to see the world. The challenge for me is how I might come to see my conditioning more clearly and in so doing, open to a place of heart, to embrace the world as it is, or at least to see other possibilities or ways of perceiving that promote a more comprehensive awareness.

Robert Sardello writes “Heart awareness, heartfulness, locates being fully human within the soul and spiritual center of the body, the heart. Practices of heartfulness contemplatively engage the actual organ of the heart, inwardly revealing what it is like to be incarnated in body and world. In developing the capacity to creatively radiate from the center outward, the holy, whole, nature of the human body reveals itself as intimately united with imagination, creative presence, Earthunity, and the unfolding of the livingness of all things. It feels like our natural state, forgotten long ago.”

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