Come Forth as What Thou Art

From Pindar’s words in the Greek Lyric Odes! “to live authentically is to come forth as what thou art.”

So what is it that is involved in this coming forward. Robert Avens writes “The rose, like physis, is a self-sufficient process; it needs no external justification, no rationale for its being-there.”
In a similar way, in the seeing through of our conditioned inheritance, calculative thinking is suspended and we allow things be in their thinging, “self-resplendent with their own grounds.”
These days I am more attuned to what is beyond my conditioned inheritance. In opening to this, one has the experience of being more exposed, unveiling “what is”. Conventional discussion with self and others most often seems to be about justification and rational and literal use of concepts somehow reinforcing an illusion of self. Belief in that and related meanings that we grasp at seem to provide some sense of superficial security; not without consequence.
From the depths of contemplation there is increasing realization that something has been lost in living this way. There is aversion of something essential of me; something of the experience of vulnerability that I seem to be habitually and unconsciously attempting to cover over. Awareness grows of that aversion and from that I step towards engaging in a truly intimate exchange with myself and others. There is “self-resplendence” in this unfolding.

As Father Richard Rohr quotes “it’s precisely in our humanity that we’re able to find connection with one another — and we can only access it if we’re vulnerable. The “truly human” is always experienced in vulnerability, in mutuality, in reciprocity,”.

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