Revelation in Simplicity

I feel so sad that I have been hurtful to others; that my intolerance, impatience and judgement still impede me from being compassionate at times. In my heart I don’t want this. I know that I am imperfect. I am more aware of feeling vulnerable every day as I witness natures taking back of my body and I see how truly insignificant that my past notion of self has been.In this I find a compassionate refuge where I understand that love is the most relevant thing in life. I am not always capable of offering that although it is the only place that I am most open to truthful revelation these days. I am limited in my ability to be free of the human created drama and narrative that diverts me away from openness. I see the limitation in this story line and everything that I have valued to be a necessary investment in my life. It is all falling away despite something of me that grasps at those perceptions and illusions. In letting go there is a simplicity and out of that a revelation of beauty and truth that has been unsurpassed in life.

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