No Limits or Boundaries to Soul

I think of “soul”as a metaphor for a subjective experience, as opposed to something with concrete boundaries or objectively conceived and the spiritual journey is about the private relationship involving the reconnection to the mystery of being alive. At points in my life it has very much involved rebellion, with suffering. . .often connected with resistance to the public self. Even  attachments to the subjective experience can be misleading taking one astray if grasped as an ultimate indication.

James Hillman envisioned “seeing through” as a psychological process of “deepening, interiorizing … the apparent,” a “moving from the surface of visibilities to the less visible.” Hillman also insists that this process never stops because, as Heraclitus—whom archetypal psychology regards as the first depth psychologist of the Western world—has said: “You could not discover the limits of the soul, even if you traveled every road to do so; such is the depth of its meaning”

We are admonished to see not more but better—to see that which we already know and always did know but which has been obfuscated by our subjectivistic attitudes, by lack of attention.

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