Where longing Leads Us

Martin Heidegger wrote that man as a subject derives the meaning of the world from himself and his own meaning from the extent to which he conquers the world. In the Nietzsche quote that “there cometh the time when man will no longer launch the arrow of his longing beyond man—and the string of his bow will have unlearned to whizz” he as well realized the limitations of human longing.

Through the work of awareness there is a possibility that we can come to realize the limitations of our past ways of thinking and to see through the fog of our conditioning. To arrive at a place where we can realize what it is that impedes us from clear seeing is not something to be acquired and held as one’s possession. It is not a thing but an event, an occurrence and is more a matter of riding oneself of something that impedes it from being itself. It is more a matter of setting something free to be what it is. In learning to let go, in coming to think in a way that is non-conceptual and nonsystematic, is not to think without rigor and strictness. James Hillman says, “there is no necessary opposition between clarity and imagination, no need to believe … that deep ideas must be dim, while clearness is founded on shallowness.”

“To say that this is something “in the soul,” however, does not mean that we escape from the world into soul. As we saw, the soul, in addition to being “my” soul, is also the soul of the world. “Salvational knowledge, therefore, is concerned with re-souling the world as well. It is a recollection, a remembering of a worldly soul and of an ensouled world. So-what are we to do? Nothing. We have to let the soul be. We have to let the world be. We have to let Being be.” – Robert Avens

The soul lives contented by listening

If it wants to change

Into the beauty of terrifying shapes

It tries to speak

– David Whyte

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