Knowing Self

When the chattering of my mind resides, a space opens up. One might refer to this opening as a “peeling away” where something other than what I have come to know is revealed and something other awakened. As I arrive at a place that I can step beyond the limitation of habitual and conditioned mind and it’s influence on perception; that it separates and reduces phenomenon to a degree that much of what is perceived is absent of its essence, I am moved to once again embrace the mystery and wonder of life.

In this “opening” a revived life seems to turn back to enlighten darkened areas of ignorance that have been forged in the chatter. In the lifting of these impediments a remembering of what is authentic, interconnected and awe inspiring of existence is rediscovered. All that seems to have been blocked in the minds fixation is freed, initiating a return to a more natural expansion of being.

It can be said to be a sense of transcendence that is experienced; a more complete envisioning dissolving the boundaries that have been more rigid protecting the fragmented self. A greater realization of the individual experience is revitalized in a deeper awareness now seen as a shared participation in the perpetual discovery and expansion of the regions of universal imagination. In attending to what is within, a rich, organic inquiry is ignited and a revitalized as I learn to trust in following my own way, led by synchronistic emerging interests. A sense of curiosity is resumed and/or enhanced; the mystery once again seeking itself.

According to the gnostic Book of the Contender, “he who has not known himself has known nothing, but he who has known himself has at the same time already achieved knowledge about the Depth of the All.”

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