I often find myself reading the poetry of Mary Oliver these days mostly,  I think, because it takes me away from a fixed perspective and opens me to a more imaginative, formless place. I have come to realize that ideation, the formula, the concept prevent me from looking at the whole of what is.Our fragmented perceptions have become conventional escapes in our modern lives that serve to keep us unconscious, contributing to a sense of seeming as if “life” were something else. We seem to receive a great deal from this denial. The world looks the way it does because of it; in some way or another,  in our refusing to see it as it is and as long as we are interested in our present way of living we will not abandon our denial. Our denial gives us a world to explore and control over that world. In some way that offers a sense-of-self that can thrive within the knowledge offered. As we keep ourselves occupied with tasks, important or not, we avoid facing life. We keep a safe and comfortable distance to the issues that are sometimes hard to look at and we become dependent on the noise of thought for self-validation at the cost of being with something more real of ourselves. We have experiences to seek out, problems to ponder and solve, and pleasures to pursue. We get it all, but it is all nothing. In general these days I like to read writers that share my experience that the fixed idea, formula, concept so often prevents us from looking at the fact of what is. There are many of them that have Come to see this truth of life.

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