The Imaginal Way

It’s a beautiful sunny, blue skied day here but it doesn’t do the same for me as a similar day in Canada does. Perhaps it is more that I miss the closeness to nature; being able to walk outside my door and find myself alone in nature, whenever I choose to. There is something about being in nature that allows me to settle into what I am. There are so many layers and actors in role here in Germany and in Canada as well but it’s more that nature is closer and that I can escape those not so intimate influences much more easily.

In nature; I am not compelled to contend with what mankind has so blatantly, in disregard, created. I don’t think that it,s avoidance as much as a submergence. What has become unconscious arises there; allowing for awareness of a bond with nature and a creative imagination that is more clearly revealed at those depths. There is an experience of transcendence in this; of the rising above a way of a world largely trapped in an , orientation that is an exhaustive materialistic pursuit of ephemeral goals. In transcendence, there is a leaving behind of a host of superficial problems that have arisen out of that orientation.

In nature, I am, closer to the “Imaginal”. I distinguish between imagination and thinking in the use of this word and the quote by John O ‘Donahue that I have included here illuminates that somewhat. “The imagination tries to take change and inhabit it in a way that allows it to be transfigurative rather than destructive. The lovely thing about the imagination is that, whereas the mind often sees change and thinks everything is lost, the imagination can always go deeper than the actual experience of the loss and find something else in it. There is an amazing difference between the way the mind sees something and the way the imagination sees something.”

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