In Solitude

Like many others I have struggled with the idea that I might find myself alone one day. I have made some inroads with these fears, in coming to realize how deeply beneficial solitude can truly be. I dont profess to know how one should proceed with their lives. I myself value taking the time to discover what is within. I know only what I reflect on from that experience. Only in solitude can I entirely free myself. Only in solitude can I explore my self freely, without the fear of judgment from others. Only in solitude am I able to rediscover the voice of my most real self.

Some of the reasons that I have been afraid of solitude is because it reveals great truth which unconsciously I have been reluctant to face. Feelings of anger, hatred, grief that I could not in my younger years cope with or resolve had been avoided, covered and buried. In ignoring these truths I allowed for an identity founded on illusions. Coming to a place where I am able to experience myself in aloneness I have been able to understand and deal with these illusions and related emotions.

In aloneness and the silence that we experience with that, there is a depth of awareness and connection that is somewhat ineffable, however it is something of us that we dont have to understand in conventional terms. It is a much more intimate experience where we are connected to parts of our self and our origins that have been lost.

We can rediscover this in solitude.

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