Words That Bring a Tear


Too many deadlines clouding up my sight

Too many voices in my ear

Too bright in day time

Stars hidden by the light

Other things are lost its clear

In Silence I see another way

Hope Ive not wandered too far astray

All the delusion dressed up as delight

So many different stories being told

All the dollars that cover up the lies

All that fragmented science being sold

So much confusion playing with my head.

I’ve made my contribution,

The foolish things that Ive done and said

I cant go back the way I came

Something  of my suffering and fear.

Sparked the possibility for my heart to hear

For reasons that reasons don’t know

To what was lost but now again is dear

Like the shadows on the snow

Like the light this time of year

Like the birds that never go

Like the words that bring a tear

Old temptation glues me to the spot

Where I can’t imagine the undoing of the knot

In silence I find my inspiration

That shows me what I have again

Though its called  by many different names

In contemplation I turn back into the light

Away from where the foolish go walking with the bold

To the place where all song begins

And  I find the things that I hold dear

Like the coming of the dawn

And the first star to appear

the singing of the loon

the running of the deer

And loves old sweet song

The words that bring a tear

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