The Mystery I Attend Too

Insight is a funny thing. At times I can have an experience that results in thinking that I know that much more about life and in that security that “the thought that knows” brings, I seem to be lured away from the sense that life is a mystery. We humans strive to understand and to find meaning but for me there is an emerging awareness of a more instinctive sense that we humans are more than we realize and that life is an utter mystery and that maybe I cant truly understand life and myself in traditional and conventional terms or via our human limited intellectual and cognitive references.

A more practical insight that I seem to have had at times is that I am better able to appreciate life when I am at a place that I can cope with meaninglessness. In acceptance of this, things that once provided security and comfort fall away and there can be an experience of being nihilistically overwhelmed. But there is something more in that revelation that might be ineffable and inexpressible but never the less can be more fundamental if attended to. It seems more likely now than in earlier days that a more authentic revelation of what I strive to know is beyond conventional ways, that it is something of a different quality of knowing and deeper connection that might have been somewhat lost in reliance on those conditioned ways. And so I attend to it these days.

Author: Gord Clements

I find some satisfaction in the act of attempting to express my experience of life through painting, writing, language and other art forms. I have been painting for over thirty five years and combine my love of art with a meditative and contemplative way of life. I have an intuitive sense that true creativity is something that arises from beyond and through Qthe self that can be explored and shared through some form of expression although I always hope to open to the influence of that which is beyond my limited sense of self.

3 thoughts on “The Mystery I Attend Too”

  1. I think there is a difference between trying to understand and trying to understand away. It is useful to acquire pragmatic knowledge about what works and what doesn’t work in dealing with particular situations in life, but understanding is always reductive. Understanding is a map, not the country itself. The country will always be more mysterious than the map. Sometimes, in our insecurity, we want to convince ourselves that, because we have a map, we are the master of the country it depicts. Thus we try to “understand away” the mystery that troubles us.


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