Change and the Window of Perception

HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS CHANGES WITH time, and thus likewise so do our truths. The world, the universe, our sense of meaning, may be little else to us than a set of perspectives that are constantly shifting. What makes us think that our way of seeing the world today is the right one? Kingsley L Dennis

It has taken some maturing, caught at times in loops and dead-ends, before I have been able to come to a place, where I realize that what I rigidly hold on to in belief is quite relative and that it is dependent on my human “window of perception”. I now understand how humans can limit their perception of reality, how culture and education influences it, fragmenting and rationalizing at times in a way that we can intellectually comprehend it. These days I am able to intuit life in a way that I am far more trusting of . When I sit quietly and let thoughts unfold in silence, the “window of perception” seems to be transformed, opening to change and moving towards something that I am yet unable to articulate.

dennis writes that “wisdom is not a question of belief, nor is it an accumulation of knowledge. It is a reflection of the resonance we have between the imaginal and the imagination, and how we express this through the conscious human experience.”

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