Still Creating

In my sixties I seem to still possess a youthful willingness to explore life with curiosity and adventure. From what I can see of it am actively involved in creating my life. It certainly hasn’t guaranteed that life did not have difficult moments or discomfort in fact I have come to accept those experiences as an inseparable part of the whole. It is not easy to stay present to pain at times and it is not uncommon that still I feel a sense of helplessness in those moments yet I know that there is a likely possibility that a surge of creativity, insight and connectedness may follow from that. I have come to the realization that striving to make everything in life easy, is more about not bringing my pain out into the open and in that perpetuating separation. Advice I often here encourages insulating from discomfort or unpleasant experiences but there is something to be gained from embracing them and meeting them with the heart open; or at least with the willingness to opening of it. I hope that each day I can open to life and true self as it is now at least enough that I can bring something authentic of myself to it. For me to be able to perceive the infinite in all things requires this quality of sincerity in the self-work I do.

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