Opening to Existence

I enjoy sharing and exploring with others. I try not to take myself to seriously or become to attached to what I express. Any expression that I attempt whether artistic, written or verbal is always a reduced description of what is. It is best undertaken though as a moment of dynamic creating that emerges from unknowing and from listening attentively, sharing and opening that serves to illuminate life. Most important is presence, to influences that arise out from the darkness, outside of my more rigid conscious perceptions; to what is. It all seems to me to be a very organic process. Even this claim of what are important things has arisen from this process and is subject to impermanence and to transformation.

I am limited in my formulation by my attachment to my own and other’s ideas and to what I have been conditioned to in the automatic traffic of functioning and attention to the little piece perceptions of the puzzle. These little pieces of intellectual understanding are a way of understanding and referring that has had its practical use but that are limited in efforts to comprehend the vast reality of existence and the dynamic connection between all that exists. A more comprehensive way of experiencing is better suited for me to do so, the expression of that becoming another challenging and creative issue. The fixed selective way of grasping onto my fragmented perceptions in a search for meaning leads to fragmenting consequences which are often incompletely illuminated .

In my opening I experience an existential sensitivity, a vital vulnerability as I let go of my identification with fixed defences, rigid perceptions and the loosening of irrelevant boundaries.

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