What Gives Light

“What gives light must endure burning” Victor Frankl

The latter part of my life has involved ongoing revelations, touching places in my unconscious that have been hidden and blocked in my earlier years. This has most certainly involved moving beyond a rational cerebral perception of existence. In fact a willful rational effort seems to have impeded a more authentic unfolding. I understand better that in the silence that I return to, observing experience more directly prior to dualistic habit, that I am opening in expanded awareness. This enables me to see more clearly what has in the past distracted me. I understand that there is inevitably more that I am not conscious of that blocks and affects experience. What I seek to illuminate emerges from questions that seek something more real than mind-made answers. The silence is a place where what has been hidden can somehow be illuminated. In that illumination there are moments when I must encounter and endure pain that has been buried that I am coming to be more receptive to seeing and moving into. From this unfolding I see light.

Author: Gord Clements

I find some satisfaction in the act of attempting to express my experience of life through painting, writing, language and other art forms. I have been painting for over thirty five years and combine my love of art with a meditative and contemplative way of life. I have an intuitive sense that true creativity is something that arises from beyond and through Qthe self that can be explored and shared through some form of expression although I always hope to open to the influence of that which is beyond my limited sense of self.

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