Don’t be a Sucker

An anti-fascist film produced in the wake of the second world war has gone viral in the wake of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville that culminated in one person being killed and 19 injured this weekend.

7 thoughts on “Don’t be a Sucker

  1. The question for Americans today is where the biggest threat to freedom comes from. There are the neo-Nazis on one side. We don’t know their numbers, but my feeling is that they are unlikely to find wide popularity. On the other side there is the left-wing decentralised authoritarianism which dominates in the universities. All too often it is left-wing dividing society, promoting the idea understanding society means dividing it into oppressed groups and oppressors – putting forward the idea that all men are patriarchal oppressors of women, all white people are white-supremacist oppressors of other races, that wealthy people are oppressors if they don’t agree to income redistribution… Of course that is the extreme end of that movement, but it has led to people being deprived of their opportunity for free speech and professors being accused of being racist because they wanted to come to school and teach on a day when some group decided that no white people should come on the campus, etc.

    One extreme feeds the other. One of the main reasons people voted for Donald Trump is that he wasn’t “politically correct”, i.e. unafraid of intimidation from the left-wing decentralised authoritarian movement. Now you have the neo-Nazis coming out of the woodwork, and on the other side you have protestors wearing balaclavas and arming themselves with baseball bats.

    So I think to understand this phenomena and be wary of the dangers it is necessary to see the sickness at both ends of the spectrum.

    It’s worth reading the comments of this woman who lived through Hitler’s Germany :


    1. Yes I read this and the attachment. Freedom of speech, absolutely. Yes but is it left wing to speak out about oppression and ethnocentric, autocratic, behaviour. I you do that in a way that is ethnocentric, autocratic and oppressive than one is no better. Any kind of dogmatic, oppressive, closed, prejudicial behaviour is what it is.Donald Trump the scavscary individual and is causing people that are concerned about ethnocentric behaviour to regress. The left wing is not in it self evil. Naziism is a little more concerning. Nazis are not interested in equality or fair treatment to other races. The left wing is. There are people that are behaving live like trump and they have to reflect a bit on what they are doing. Im not sure myself about how much we should tolerate bigoted behaviour . That should be an open discussion.


      1. I live in Germany and I know the damage Hitler did. Both of my wife’s parents lived during the war in Dreden. Germany now has many laws aimed at making nazi behaviour illegal. For good reason. Im not sure what you mean when you talk about freedom of speech. There has to be some dialogue and ability for society to respond to hateful and violent intentions.


      2. Wilber writes The Green (we might call this the left) has a very high goal of all-inclusiveness, but it doesn’t have a single path that actually works to get us there, nor can it truly address the real barriers to its fervently desired ideals. And as it increasingly turned its aperspectival madness on more and more areas—deconstructing more and more aspects of reality—it eventually turned its deconstructive laser on its own existence, deconstructed its own tenets, dissolved any reason to believe anything it had to say, and hence thoroughly collapsed as a functioning leading-edge of evolution.


  2. I’m not arguing against left wing view points. I would count myself as a little left of centre. My point is that authoritarianism can come from the left as well as the right. Left wing authoritarianism in the form of communism led to even more deaths in the 20th Century than Naziism – Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, Pol Pot…

    My feeling is that Naziism is less likely to take a foothold in the United States than it did in Germany, because the United States is far more ethnically diverse than Germany was. Assuming that it was going to be based around whites, they make up only 62.6 % percent of the population. By contrast, in Nazi Germany, the minority targeted – the Jews – made up only 1 % of the population, so you had 99% against 1 %. White supremacy in the United States just doesn’t seem like something anyone could practically pull off. Which doesn’t mean that the fringe elements who want it aren’t dangerous because of their capacity for violence. I don’t see them being as big a threat to the United States as Islamist terrorists are to European countries, but I recognise that they are not to be taken lightly.

    If you want to see an example of what I mean about threats to freedom of speech, check out this protest against Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson, a prominent expert on the psychology of totalitarianism. The students are protesting against him because he refused to use made up pronouns like “ze” to refer to transexual students, on the grounds that giving the state the power to compel speech is very dangerous and that these pronouns are part of a post-modernist ideology which he feels threatens to lead to totalitarianism. He’s certainly not a hateful person preaching violence, in fact his main aim in life is to get people to realise that, if they had lived in Nazi Germany they probably would have been Nazis and that reflection on that fact is the only thing standing between us and it happening again :


    1. I will check that. I agree with what you say here. There has to be some tolerance that people will be at different levels. Society can not be forced in their ethical development. If they are you get a big problem


  3. I think the important thing for people to always keep in mind is that the ends don’t justify the means. Rather the means determine what the ends will be. It’s easy to imagine the kind of society we would like, much harder to find a path which leads there. In the absence of such a path, that unrealised vision can all to easily inspire resentment and hostility towards anyone who is not conforming to it. And this pattern fits for ideologues of any political persuasion.

    My philosophy is to make of myself a model for the society I would like to see. This is not an imposition on others, but if it works it can catch on.


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