Acceptance of Human Limitation

The aspects of our existence that limit us, Merleau-Ponty says, are the very same ones that bind us to the world and give us scope for action and perception. Everything in me longs to be free of bonds, of impediments and limitations and viscous clinging to things but these days, an ever emerging side of me is more aware and accepting of these limiting aspects of my existence. There is no real refuge in the denial of these aspects. All of my actions and thoughts are related to this limitation and I realize that all thought is merely an attempt to make explicit my hold upon the world, which is at the heart of what I am. If I am true to this way I am free, not in spite of or beneath these motivations but because of them. For me to live a meaningful life, that particular signification of nature and history that I have come to be, does not restrict my access to the world; it is in fact my means of communication with it. I no longer hold ideals or beliefs that arise out of my relative way of seeing, so tightly or on to perceptions of how I, or others should be and what the world is. Added to this, if I can bare to be so open; and to remain in such a way, I will continue to live with this understanding until life should reveal to me something that might change that. Being open to this kind of revelation and change is the best thing that I can do not to live in a dream world.
After all of this, I experience at the core, a Consciousness astonished at itself and this limitation that is inseparable from that. From that I contemplate and intuit that there is something rather Devine discovered in acceptance of this limitation.

One thought on “Acceptance of Human Limitation

  1. Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson likes to refer to something from the Kabbalah which asks the question : What does something which is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent lack? And the answer is : limitation. Life has to have something to work with. I can relate to that from the experience of writing short stories. The first thing you have to do is to come up with some limitations, such as genre, characters, theme, plot. The creative juices really flow once that has been done, because if you could write anything at all, you just sit there looking at a blank page. In the same way, our life is a response of our limited abilities to problems and opportunities. It’s the limitations which give our life shape and meaning, we can push against them, but we can’t do without them.


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