Something Lost

In addressing a very common felt sense of inner disturbance or  whatever one might call a general feeling of discomfort about life, it  might be that it is not a matter that  must be corrected or cured or  something that our conventional  ways of problem solving will resolve. Our conventional cures have  not helped to clear my own existential disease. I have found that no short term intervention can address the dilemma authentically  and directly. Our human reliance on modern methods, thinking, problem solving  and analysis tends to reduce and radically fragment  investigation, conclusions and understanding and most  often create new and additional symptoms.

Ecologically considered it is clear that there is something lacking in our individual experience. I sense that perhaps it is not that my individual verbal account is true”  or “not true” but rather it is more about the way, that I have come to experience life and relate to myself , others the earth and nature. The  conditioning of individuals in general in our modern civilization  and the consequences of this require that we become aware of a lost connection; that something has been lost in the awareness of what I am and how that is inseparable from everything and everyone  else. From that, I in turn function in a way that is ignorant of the consequences and understanding of my unconsidered and unrealized actions. Its as Schopenhauer writes about the “will”  that it can resolve its predicament only by negating itself.

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