We See But We Live Blindly

 We feel, but our lives are unfeeling. We see, but we walk around blindly, and we hear, but we are deaf to the stunning symphony of life. We talk but our words are not connected to our direct experience of living and the things that we are inseparable from. We read books that keep us trapped in a loop of being lost to the deeper experience of living. We have brought that upon ourselves in our search for security and we dont realize how we have become trapped in all that we have come to do. We accept what we are told is needed to be learned and we don’t look to our own innate ability to discover truth in our direct connection to the natural world and through inquiring into what is real and not.

 Some have  There are far too many forms of stimulation and busyness in our daily lives  that interfere with the development of a quality of awareness that enables us to see how we have become lost. As well, we often fear the awareness that comes with solitude, for in it, we see ourselves for who we truly are, and what our lives have become. We seem to prefer the artificial comfort of our dreams to reality. 

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