Looking For Nothing

 I am more aware these days that finding nothing has been in fact finding everything. I spend each day,, noticing that the mind wants to know! But the mind that knows, knows nothing. The mind wants to know in order to become somebody. So it’s best to keep it simple.these days finding that place where I am not looking. 

I am  aware of  some resistance to external individual and collective influences that are habitually focused on a search  for happiness. This type of searching surrounds me. Other ” somebodys” are generally not so comfortable with this sense of nothingness and a non personal consciousness that I value so much. Our dominant social  and cultural conventions promote an endless pursuit of “becoming” and “searching” for  something to make our  lives better. Fullfillment of promises are seldom realized. I am inseparable from all others and I am affected by what their experience is and the burden seems to be heavy at times. 

So I spend each day, these days,  looking for “nothing” as a refuge from  that place of “searching”  and/or “becoming”. It is a place free from concept and belief system; more a place of  “being” prior to habitual and conditioned perceptions and tendencies that serve to  separate. When I am remembering “being”, I am “experiencing” self, inseparable from all others and all else in a much more direct and authentic  way than what I do in “becoming.” 

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