An Unfolding Into a More Sensuous Existence

I think that there is great significance in questioning  human notions and concepts that have come to be fixed. We can benefit from examining our fixed ways and understanding and attachment to  some of the modern values that promote delusion, that we as, individuals, cultures and societies hold so closely.
My own experience is that the  influence of unexamined social, cultural and family values has contributed to a distraction from a more authentic and sensuous experience and engagement with life. Opening to a more thorough and honest investigation and seeing has involved opening to and embracing a deeper awareness of connections to all else on this planet.

Some of the disorienting consequences of that conditioning can only be illustrated and articulated honestly and openly to the degree that I am myself aware, and/or am able  to express that experience. As well,  there is inevitably an unfolding and transformation that is ongoing that is beyond an individuals capacity to understand or control. In some ways I am more willing to led by that without having to know.


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