The Witnessing of Nature

In early May I took a lone drive up to Algonquin Park before the ice had completely melted. Many roads going into the near interior were unpassable. Very early in the morning I saw a lone wolf crossing the road. I stopped to watch and he watched back at me. Last year as well on a camping trip I encountered a number of moose and a bear. I have crossed paths with many Boars as well, here in Germany in my woodland walks. 

For me, there is nothing like that encounter with wild life especially with the more human shy wildlife. It involves a stimulation of the senses back to times of a deeper connection with the animate environment that has been lost with all that has come to insulate and distract me  from that. That direct contact  involves an experience beyond the speaking of names,  meeting nature in a more pure and direct way, form to form, than I have come to conventionally know.

It is this sensual experience that is something that I value greatly even prior to being able to articulate and define it. As I settle into the moment that I am attentive to my direct experience I am complete in it. Nature makes it easier to engage in this way. There is something in the expression of that experience that I also value greatly. That final product of the expression is not the experience  itself, but the creative awareness that is a part of the process of expression is. 

As an artist the creative process is what I am, in an ongoing way, drawn to. There is a profound similarity to the experience of being in nature and witnessing and in meditation.

2 thoughts on “The Witnessing of Nature

  1. I can imagine that it is quite an experience to encounter wolves, wild boars, etc. Wildlife encounters for me at the moment, in suburbia, are limited to seagulls, spiders, etc. One of my favourite things when I’ve been further afield in my native Australia have been encounters with different kinds of lizards – frill-necked, stumpy and, once, a goanna. There is something about life going on about it’s own business to remind us that everything doesn’t revolve around us.

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    1. So true and that we are intimately a part of something more vast than our self as we have come to know it.


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