My Self Limitation

It seems to have been a lifelong preoccupation of mine to search for ways to be free from sufferring. When one is amidst suffering, all the wisdom that I have come by, does not seem to be helpful in removing it. Ultimately in futility I turn to my humanness as a way of more fully being with it. It seems  that I am not served by separating from, numbing, rationalizing, intelectualizing or attaching to stories of what brings suffering; all ways of the self. It is more a matter for me of returning directly to the essence of what is my humanity that lay before the “self”. That conditioned “self” that has in the past played such a significant role in negotiating life I now see as more of an interference than a help in this. To exist in this world there is a certain amount of hardship that is encountered. How it is that we come to relate to that experience of hardship is something worth inquiring into.

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