Awareness or Biological Sentience

In Buddhist philosophy the mind of a sentient being is not a product of biological processes, but something primordial which has existed since beginningless time. More and more literature,  philosophical  and scientific writers are realizing the practicality of this perception. It is a perception, ( some would say experience ) , which can emerge and  can be influenced through a meditative, contemplative and creative way of living. It has more to do with the concept of awareness then of biological sentience, awareness involving a much more encompassing and comprehensive experience. 

Part of coming into this awareness involves removing the conditions that impede a more authentic realization. Much of  the existence of these blocks have to do with conditioning and attachment to fixed concepts and ideas of what and who we are and how we should understand.. An openness which enables a seeing beyond the reductionist, mechanical and materialistic ways and methods, that we have been conditioned to use to define and understand our experience is an integral aspect  of awareness.

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