Coping With More Unpleasant Realities

There are so many distractions available today in our world,  to the degree that being with what it is to just “live” is so far removed from our experience. I understand the attractiveness of this. There is something of me that wants to avoid the more unpleasant realities of existence such as having to cope with uncertainty and pain that arises in life; however, it seems that our collective avoidance of these more unpleasant aspects of existence is at the heart of our human dilemma. In reality they can not be separated from life however much we invest in a hedonistic peception and delusion. How happy are we really, anyway in this folly. In essence the  wonderful realization of the  mystery and bliss of existence includes an embracing of what we perceive to be  more unpleasant aspects and to come to see the limitations of our habitual ways. How we define a pleasant experience anyway is often the outcome of a subjective perception that is ultimately influenced and conditioned by so many  things. 

Ultimately we eventually must attend to global problems that have been a consequence of our dualistic thinking  and living. I have enjoyed reading the author Daniel Pinchbeck and his exploration of non dualistic experiences. Some of these may seem unusual to our dualistic conditioned thinking. They may not be rational, mechanistic and or measurable in there expanse but never the less they may be more relevant than we might conceive them to be.

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