Our ability to use words is an evolutionary step in human development. As in all evolutionary developments there is no guarantee that it will ensure survival of the species. Never the less it seems to have arisen for a reason. I am not comfortable with the line of thinking that implies that we are better off in silence and in apprehensive use of language. 

Communication  with others through language is fundamental to my sense of being however it may be that it can also be a block. It makes sense that I come to be comfortable with silence if I am to communicate honestly. There are times when words are not neccesary and in fact interfere with a more fundamental aspect of relating. That may be of something of us humans that is not knowable or reduceible quantifiable by science or the use of objective measures. I would venture to suggest that there is something of our reliance on these ways of  relating, understanding and being that has taken us away from our essence individually in some and collectively in general. However it is that this essence is always a part of us there has come to be something of an over reliance on more specialized abilities that has numbed our awareness of this essence. Our use of words in these modern times can be both influenced and an influence in this way but it is not necessary that it should be as it is.

In my own experience,  the use of words can be an extension of our essence if we are able to realize the limitations of using them and how it is that they inevitably project and reflect of our minds.  Awareness of the limitations of thinking and our use of words can come to be a part of a life changing transformation. Part of that is coming to realize that words are not the experience. 

I found this quote of Rupert Spira,s in his new book “What is Consciousness” very interesting. “Awareness assumes the form of the finite mind in order to simultaneously know and create the world but it doesnt need to assume the form of mind to know itself.” Ultimately our perception of existence and in turn our actions and creation of our world are affected by  how it is that we come to know ourselves and how we extend and express that in the finite world. 

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