Practicing Awareness

I am more aware these days of the separation that my unconscious thinking has created and am more able to face the anxiety that dominates modern life from a more authentic sense of self as a being inseparable from that life. Realizing my being and its greater connection has involved a refining of awareness. I heard the line “the practice of awareness” suggested the other day, which takes some of the discomfort away from the aversion I have had to the notion that we must practice to become something different from what we are. It seems to me that to walk the way of being true and authentic to myself and the world that I am a part of that I must be aware. I have no plans or intentions to make myself better other than to follow where my heart leads me and to unfold from that and “practicing awareness” seems to be of assistance in this way.

There is a saying of Chinese Buddhism that goes, “A Bodhisattva avoids the causes; the ordinary person tries to avoid the results” In awareness there seems to be some realization that there is significance in learning to bear the pain that is a consequence of our modern collective choices. From understanding fully the disastrous consequences and origins in our thinking that has contributed to them we can perhaps take a different approach to making collective decisions. It involves an inviting in, what is real and what is here now. Much of what has lay hidden out of clear sight.

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