The Faith to Doubt


From his book “The Faith to Doubt”  Stephen Batchelor suggests that through our conditioning, awareness of our nature has become unconscious. He writes that “in psychological terms it has become disconnected from the ego-complex. It surfaces into the lake of consciousness sporadically and uncontrollably.“

To awaken to a more authentic way of being is not dependent on the use of technique or religion. Our “nature” is a part of us despite the fact that we my be disconnected from it through  our conditioning. There is no technique for finding our way back.

The focus on technique is a  continued use of calculating, reductive and fragmented ways. In that  we create and perpetuate  a limited perception of self that is extricated from our nature. We can not truly  understand what our nature is through the removal of what is authentic of ourselves,however unmeasurable it may be . Our methods and ways for understanding our world and ourselves are missing something fundamental of our nature.

Realization of our nature is not something that can be achieved by reducing it to a problem to be unraveled or solved.We can not attain that insight through any technical or theoretical  moulding. Conceptual distinctions and calculable divisions are the substance of techniques.

Through meditation,  rather than looking to theory; add a little bit of grace, it is possible to introduce a more insightful, deeper realization of what we are and what we are ultimately inseparable from.

One thought on “The Faith to Doubt

  1. I think that deeper realisation comes from letting go, and if we are thinking about strategies for letting go, that isn’t letting go. I came across a saying recently : “Love is the absence of fear.” Seems a few people expressed pretty much the same thought in slightly different ways. I like it because it illustrates the inevitability that our authentic self comes to the surface when we don’t feel the need to close off in self protection.


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