The Worldly Life

It seems to me that our worldly life has become a constant search for security  and comfort with which we have become habitually conditioned to. The possibility that we might have to spend a significant  amount of time with ourself  without the distractions that we are so conditioned to rely on is quite an  uncomfortable scenario to imagine.

To my mind, I am coming to see that this-worldly life is an escape. When you have a problem you can turn on the television, phone a friend, go out for a coffee or turn to google. There is the  internet and the iPhone and so many other options that enhance that possibility and propensity for escape. The market place is about these distractions, but I am discovering that these acts of escaping , fragments our consciousness. There is something of us missing in living according to popular  conventional, worldly norms. There is an absence of  a  process of honest and open self investigation and contemplation in our reliance on escape.

I saw a post recently suggesting that we should let our children be bored; that boredom provides an inner quiet that helps our children with self-awareness. I have learned to  value the step out from that worldly life and to increasingly value what unfolds for me in solitude;  the insight and peace  it can bring. In solitude you have no one to turn to but yourself. When problems arise and things become difficult you have no choice but to go through them, and come out the other side. In solitude I am learning to be with my own nature in the raw and to find a way of working and dealing with it.

These are not things that are much valued these days but there is something about connecting with this place in awareness  that is essential to our being. It is the place that we unfold from and all that  needs to happen is for it to be uncovered. The  responsibility and the choice  is ours.

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