The End Of History

Change is required,  if this world is to move in the direction of  recovering from what humans have done to it. I have asked myself, what it is about myself,  that might need to change. From there I have proceeded with  examination and questioning of my own perception and self seeing. I as well question the need for another attachment to a story or set of beliefs that will help me to feel more secure in my transformation to a better person. It seems that we human beings, in the world are always seeking security for ourselves, both physiologically and psychologically. It seems to me that this pattern and/or intent and the narrative that it produces, hasn’t in fact worked all that well.

On a grand scale of narratives,  Hegel introduced the notion that there should eventually come  a time when modern humans would develop a social political system that would be based on freedom and liberty and that this would be the end of history. Francis Fukuyama published his book “The End of History and the Last Man” exploring this issue of liberal democracy and whether or not it would be the saving grace for humanity.

This idea of liberal democracy being the ideal state is just another example of humans looking for solutions in a grand narrative and it has contributed to a realization, for me,  where by,  I question whether or not psychological security, even really exists.  It is a  fact that it is sought by humans,  in various forms that seem to have no substance and can even be said to be illusionary, divisive in belief, dogmatic and religious in their sanctioning or not; and so on. I have come to realize that these are all psychological delusions and attachments to narrative, divisions that if not investigated and explored in a responsible way for oneself, have a fragmenting focus that inevitably creates physiological division, which contributes to conflicts, wars, and the suffering and the tragedy and the inhumanity of man to man.

It’s not in the pursuit of another narrative that we will become more attuned to our problems. Perhaps it  is in a different way of seeing that a more holistic and relevant response will emerge. .

One thought on “The End Of History

  1. One of your best posts. I think you are right that we pursue a lot of illusory belief systems in the faith that they will bring us security. We do need to give ourselves our best shot by seeking to heal our psychological insecurities, but that is in order to face the uncertainties of our external situation. And, I think, we need the courage that may give us to open up to the possibility of a deeper understanding of others and of the larger system of which we are a part without trying to exercise control. As I said in one of my blog posts, we need the key which can unlock the potential unrealised in others and the world generally rather than trying to solve problems by taking to the world with hammer, i.e. trying to exercise greater control.


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