We May Not Be Ready To Save The Planet

It’s not that I know better or that I think that we humans should know better or that they should have made better choices but more that we “wake up” now and use what we have been given to understand in a more comprehensive way what is arising. Maybe we are not ready for that. We  still collectively, and in general individually, are caught up and dominated  by  nationalistic anxiety and individualistic fear of not surviving and pursuing what we think will bring us security, to the point that we put everybody and everything else at risk. This is a fixation and barrier that seems to prevent us from opening past our individual perceptions and projections, to greater insights and greater cooperation with each other. Relying on thinking, or the science and/or technology that it has created,  will not solve the global problems that we face, especially if we are not able to come together collectively and somehow see the relevance of all living creatures to the ecological, spiritual balance of this planet. The planet is itself a living changing organism and every change that we impose on it from our selective fragmented perspective has a consequence. To understand the relevance of this we have to be able to open past the fear and self fixation and the perceptions that they perpetuate.

7 thoughts on “We May Not Be Ready To Save The Planet

  1. I think we are caught in a bit of a double bind. Fear naturally causes us to retract from generous engagement with others – to make us focus on what appear to be our own short term interests. It also restricts vision. But we have reason to fear. Our species survival is in the balance. But the more we are made aware of this, the more fearful and guilty (since it is our behaviour which has caused the problem) we feel. So the more we open up to the reality of the problems the more we are paralysed and can’t act to change things.

    The big question is how can we restore our faith that we can face the challenges before us. How can we move beyond the fear and the guilt and forge effective and creative cooperative connections with others.

    This is a question I examined in a blog post earlier this year :



      1. I am slowly absorbing your book and I am appreciating what you write. It resonates with me. I also appreciate the honesty, openness and humility that you express yourself with and which is ultimately inseparable from that expression of truth.


    1. Im almost finished your book. You raise a lot of relevent issues. I find the concept of armour a good way to represent these dynamics; how it blocks openess. I also feel that in my own experience secualiy can be about coping. If your life is fucked up the one good thing that is always there is orgasm and the imagination. Lots to talk about in your book


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